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The Tree Authority consists of the Chairman and Councillors not less than five and not more than 15 persons from amongst its members, appointed in such manner and for such period as that authority may determine.
At present there are 15 members among the Councillors and the Commissioner is chairman of the Tree Authority.
The Commissioner is appointed as Chief Tree Officer and four Ward Officers from respective wards are appointed as Tree Officers.

Conduct Of Business

    Tree Authority shall be responsible for -
  • 1 [protection and preservation] of all trees in all lands within its Jurisdiction;
  • 2 [carrying out a census of the existing trees in all lands within its Jurisdiction [once before December 1996 and thereafter once in every five years];
  • Prescribing standards specifying the number and types of trees which each Plot of land shall have and this shall be planted therein;
  • Development and maintenance of nurseries for the supply of seeds, saplings and trees of persons who desire to plant new trees or to replace trees which have been felled with the previous permission of the Tree Officer 4[or involuntarily uprooted];
  • Transplanting of trees necessitated by construction of new roads or Widening of existing roads or for safeguarding danger to life or property;
  • organization of flower, fruit, vegetable, tree or plant shows 6[at least once a year] and assisting private and public institutions in organizing such shows and creation of consciousness of importance of trees and vegetation to the Human welfare];
  • Grant of advice and technical assistance to any person seeking such advice or assistance in any matter connected with 7[planting, protection and preservation] of trees;
  • Planting and maintaining such number of trees as it considers necessary according to the prescribed standards, 8[along the roads,] in public parks and Gardens and on banks of rivers or lakes or [seashores, on hills, open spaces or Public places];
  • Undertaking any other schemes or measures for achieving the objects of this Act

Existing Setup

Sr no. Name of Members Designation
1   Chairman
2   Member
3   Member
4   Member
5   Member
6   Member
7   Member
8   Member
9   Member